Marabino was born in 2002, during these years we have tried to produce wines with an increasingly precise territorial identity without following market trends or demands, basing ourselves on what we like to do and what we like to drink. Today the company has 29 vineyards. We are located in Contrada Buonivini in the Noto area, in South-Eastern Sicily.
Our name, Marabino, means “land of the beloved sun”.

Wines of terroir

We are located in the heart of the Val di Noto, in Contrada Buonivini, in an area where the Baroque meets the sun, the wind and the great winemaking tradition of south-eastern Sicily. Marabino is the name of our company, a reality that produces wines in the wake of the tradition, starting from the most typical varieties of this land, above all Nero d’Avola and Moscato Bianco.

The twenty-nine  hectares on which our vineyards extend are on low hills, a few kilometers from the sea. Plots that enjoy excellent exposure and a very mild microclimate which during the summer is characterized by both heat and light, with its always cloudless and clear sky, ours is in fact one of the sunniest areas in Europe. Here the soils are predominantly calcareous and clayey and are characterized by particular pedological variations with chromaticity that fades from calcareous white to clayey black, with an excellent supply of mineral elements. The altitude varies from 30 to 80 meters.

In Marabino we cultivate entirely organic orchards, olive groves and vineyards with a biodynamic approach, naturally without buying grapes or wine from third parties.

Our harvest is only manual and always when fully ripe, the musts ferment spontaneously with indigenous yeasts without any use of products or additives in each phase of winemaking, in order to produce wines which are an expression of the territory where they were born. What is alive needs to be nurtured!  In fact, biodynamic agriculture is an attempt to support nature through tools generated by the life processes of nature itself. As a consequence, the vine is in perfect balance with its ecosystem and it is able to repay with its magnificent fruits the expression of a unique territory.

In Sicily, the word “contrada” (in English language is a district) indicates a rural area bounded by natural borders or roads, with specific characteristics related to the nature of the place. Our vineyards and the winery are both in the same district: “Contrada Buonivini”.