A wine inspired by the traditional “pista e mbutta”, that means, crush and put in barrels, an ancient technique of the territory to produce the rosé from Nero d’Avola grapes, from which it takes its name. Assembly of small parcels of “Alberello impupato” freestanding bush, both old and young vines, grown on the chromaticity of different terrains. Rich rosé, with intense and fragrant tones in taste. The grapes are harvested when completely mature, to give a character and density of an almost red wine. Direct pressing and vinification only of the flower must in barriques of various essences, where it matures until the following spring with continuous Bâtonnage, carried out according to the moon phases.

To give an image to our rosé we decided to use a flower that recalls its colors, we chose the mallow flower, a typical spontaneous plant that grows in our countryside. In the theory of the four natural elements, the flower is the symbol of air, the vital energy.

Val di Noto, Buonivini district

Nero d’Avola

Limestone with fine texture, calcareous clay

rosanera, coniglio, signorina e don Pasquale

Training system
Alberello impupato / free standing bush

Altitude above sea level
70 mt

North, West, East

Yield per hectare
50 qli/ha – 30hl/ha

Biodynamics, with no use of herbicides, no treatments and / or chemical and / or synthetic fertilizers; pesticide treatments are limited to low doses of mine sulfur; fertilizations is limited to biodynamic preparations, shredded pruning and green manure of grasses and legumes.

Spontaneous fermentation in steel tanks  with the skins. Vinified in barriques of different essences.

8 months in total between maturation in barriques of various essences, amphoras and refinement in the bottle.

Nutritional facts


Energy value

 71 kcal/100ml
293 kj/100ml

Total fat

<0,5 g/100ml

Saturated fats

<0,1 g/100ml


 5,69 g/l

Total carbohydrates

0,7 g/100ml

Total sugars

<0,5 g/100ml


<0,01 g/100ml

Total protein

<0,5 g/100ml

Total sulfur dioxide

45 mg/l

Separate waste collection

Capsule C/ALU90: metal

Cap FOR51:  organic

Bottle GL71: glass

Separate waste collection