Spring 2021: The new Marabino newsletter

Dear friend,

We believe that wine weaves together history, nature and culture and we consider it is as a duty for those who produce it to keep on nourishing the principles that make this magical liquid different from any other drink. In a world full of stimuli of all kinds, we have the feeling that conveying what our work is and, in general, conveying the close attention to details we pay for each bottle is increasingly difficult. Our devotion and our love for the land have always been characterized by sacrifices, investments, visions. This is why we have decided to send you this email, the first of a series of newsletters through which we can share with you the most interesting, complex and controversial aspects of everything that revolves around our wines.

We will deal together with topics concerning the territory of “Val di Noto”, from a geological and a climatic point of view. We will deepen the typicality of viticulture and of the agronomic management of vineyards. We will analyze the oenological features, from the vinification to the packaging choices, and we will focus our attention on how the vintages shape and characterize the wines we produce. An idea, the one relative to this newsletter, which is simply based on wanting to share with you and with all the fans of our wines the ideas, the insights and the observations that we experience every day in this wonderful work.

Marabino Company was born in 2002 and over the years it has taken, as I believe it is natural, a certain evolutionary path: as time went on, we have tried to produce wines with a clear identity of the territory, without following fashion trends or market demands, but based on what we love doing and what we love drinking! Today the company has 35 hectares of which 29 and a half are planted with vineyards. We are located in CONTRADA BUONIVINI in the territory of Noto, this is the place where we produce 13 different labels, because we chose to let the earth speak through the breath of the wine, fragmenting and finding a distinctive character for the wines made from it.

Our vineyards are in fact divided into 18 parcels: some of them are very small, less than half a hectare, and others are larger, up to 4 hectares or more. Archimede was the only one which was not planted by us, a plot of over 50 years, an important heritage of the company for its historical memory of “Nero d’Avola” variety and for its archaic characteristic of biodiversity, with different fruit and olive trees deep in the sapling training system, called “impupato”, typical of Pachino.

But let’s see in detail: 6 plots are planted with white grapes. Of these, 2 are dedicated to different Chardonnay clones and the rest to white Moscato. Nero d’Avola, by far the most important and representative variety of our territory, is divided into 10 plots cultivated with both sapling and espalier, these are vineyards with very noticeable color characteristics of the soil, different exposures and altitudes which lead us, from the beginning, to vinify each single plot separately to grasp its distinctive characteristics.

The peculiarity of this territory of limestone-clayey matrix is concentrated on an extreme unevenness of the soils, 4 are in fact the types found in Contrada Buonivini, locally named as “ianca”, “a crita”, “niura” and “palomina” earth. Making the Nero d’Avola wine by parceling even the largest vineyards into several parts has allowed us to produce small batches of as many as 7 different wines from a single vineyard, each with characteristics that are clearly distinguishable from the others, thanks to different soils and different exposures. Same grape, same vinification, different wines: this is the best way to convey the unique characteristics of our territory, as welle as the uniqueness and extraordinary variations of Nero d’Avola of “Val di Noto”.

Our project is constantly evolving and changing following our passion for viticulture and wine. We are living a path that stimulates us, from year to year we are living new adventures that we would like to share with you to give value to contents that can mutually enrich and benefit each other in expanding the knowledge of our territory as much as possible through our experiences.

You receive this newsletter because we have your email address, perhaps because you are our customer or a friend of ours, or perhaps because you gave it to us when you came for a visit here in the cellar. This is the first time we use it and we hope we have not been inappropriate, if you no longer want to receive communications from us just click here. We will be discreet, in order to try to offer you quality content without taking too much time away from our daily work, we have decided to send you this newsletter on a quarterly basis. Only 4 times a year following the agricultural and oenological rhythms, in order to keep you updated on what is happening in the countryside and in the cellar.

See you soon, all the best.
Pierpaolo Messina