Moscato della Torre

Wine dedicated to the Marabino tower, located in the estate Marabino, that is now a splendid relais, is the oldest and most significant building in the territory between Pozzallo and Ispica and its origins date back to the Middle Ages.
The vineyard, in the estate Marabino, is exposed to the West to Spurred Cordon, on calcareous white soils at 50 meters above sea level. The low yield, the light, the winds and the warmth of the place give the Moscato Bianco grapes an original typicality that orbits on the fragrance and finesse. The grapes, harvested and well mature, are placed on the racks of our “baglio”, in white stone of Modica, giving it the light and the heat of August, necessary for the drying of the bunches. It is vinified with the skins, it ferments in steel tanks, then the fermentation is interrupted by the use of cold temperature. It matures in steel tanks until the spring following the harvest. Sweet wine, delicate, well balanced, never cloying.

Territory - Val di Noto, Buonivini district
Varietal - White moscato
Soil - Limestone with fine texture
Vineyard extension - 1.40 ha
Training system - Spurred cordon (6,000 vines per hectare)
Altitude above sea level - 44 mt
Exposure - West
Yield per hectare - 50 qli - 18hl / ha
Agriculture - Biodynamics, with no use of herbicides, no chemical and / or synthetic treatments and / or treatments; pesticide treatments are limited to low doses of mine sulfur; fertilizations are limited to biodynamic preparations, shredded pruning and green manure of grasses and legumes.
Vinification - Drying of grapes on racks in the sun, vinification with indigenous yeasts in steel tanks with skins.
Maturation - In steel tanks, bottled in the spring following the harvest.
Total production - About 3,000