cantina Marabino cortile della cantina Marabino
contrada buonivini

Our choice is to adopt the biodynamic farming method so that we can take care of our land, and of humans, and vice versa. What is alive needs to be nurtured! In fact, biodynamic agriculture is an attempt to support nature through natural tools generated by the life processes of nature itself. The vine is in perfect balance with its ecosystem and it is able to reciprocate with its magnificent fruits. It is the expression of a unique territory!

The "district" in Sicily indicates a rural area bounded by natural borders or roads, with specific characteristics related to the nature of the place. Our vineyards and the winery are both in the same district: "contrada Buonivini". The vineyards extend around a hill, with valleys, slopes and different exposures, and above all with the chromaticity of inhomogeneous terrain to induce us to parcel every single vineyard. Our experience does not boast generations, but the work done over the years has made it possible to offer a mature path from a single district, an idea of "cru", where we obtain from each vineyard its own wine.

The planting methods are sapling and espalier. The Pachino sapling plant has a density of 7,000 plants/hectare. It’s called "impupato" because it is "liato/bound", which means that the sprouts are bind to a cane and then they are "mazzunato", which consists in bending the shoots in order to inhibit apical dominance, as per ancient tradition. The espalier plants have been realized with a density of 6000 plants /hectare, exploiting the best possible the slopes of the terrain, the solar irradiation and the prevailing winds of the area.

Through a mass selection from the oldest vines of the territory of Pachino we have identified several biotypes of Nero d'Avola. We have also replanted native varieties such as white Moscato, from which we obtain a wine of ancient origins. In addition to native vines, we have planted more clones as Chardonnay.


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