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We are a young, dynamic team who all hail from the region. Our cultivation and vinification methods are representative of the culture and territory of Noto Valley.

Pierpaolo Messina

Represents the property. A sommelier and wine conoisseur, he completed his studies at the University of Siena. Pierpaolo manages the winery from cultivation to point of sale.

Luca Gentile

Agronomist. A graduate in agricultural science and technology, Luca gained extensive experience working with other companies in the region. At Marabino he is administration manager, overseeing the organic cultivation of the vines and olive groves.

Enzo Italia

Logistics management and business administration

Santino Scibetta

Business Development Manager.

Anna Sabia

Company secretary

Toni Blanco, Gianluca Civello

Cellerers and maintenance workers.

Vincenzo Franzò, Giovanni Giuca, Luigi Azzaro