Rosso di Contrada
Don Pasquale

This wine is linked to family history and obtained from a small, half- hectare vineyard with a northern exposure. The soil consists of white calcareous soil at an elevation of 70 meters above sea level. The exposure to the sun and soil type give the wine a remarkable freshness, acidity and structure. This wine is fermented in stainless steel for twenty days and then matured in the tank until the following spring and refinement in the bottle for an additional six months. Contains less than 10mg/L of naturally occurring SO2.

Territory - Val di Noto, Buonivini district
Varietal - Nero d'Avola
Soil - White limestone with fine texture
Vineyard extension - 0.50 ha
Training system - Spurred cordon (6,000 vines per hectare)
Altitude above sea level - 70 mt
Exposure - North
Yield per hectare - 45 qli / ha - 33hl / ha
Agriculture - Biodynamics, without herbicides, without chemical and / or synthetic treatments and / or treatments, pesticide treatments limited to low doses of mine sulfur; fertilizations limited to biodynamic preparations, shredded pruning and green manure of grasses and legumes.
Vinification - With indigenous yeasts, long maceration of the must with the skins
Filtration - No
Fining - No
Maturation - In steel tanks, bottled in the spring following the harvest
Total production - Around 1,500