The "muscatedda" is the local name of the first vineyard that you harvest in these areas; "prima vigna muscatedda" comes from the only native white grape variety of the territory of Val di Noto, the Moscato di Noto. An aromatic grape used for the production of natural sweet wines, wine of semi dried grapes and fortified wines, that we wanted to render in a dry version.

Classification - Moscato di Noto DOC
Grape variety - Moscato di Noto
Soil - Limestone with fine texture “terra ianca”
Size of Vineyard - 2 ha
Age of Vineyard - Planted in 2003, 2006
Growing method - Cordon training (5,500 vines per hectare)
Altitude above sea level - 44 m
Esposure - South-West
Yield per hectare - 60 quintals
Agriculture - Organic, herbicide free; free from chemical treatment or synthetic fertilizers; pesticide treatments limited to low doses of copper (25% of the approved dosage REG 2092/91), sulfur and propolis; fertilizing limited to biodynamic preparations, fine pruning of grasses and legumes and green manure.
Vinification technique - Vinified in steel tanks at controlled temperature with the skins. No addition of sulfur. Naturally fermented by indigenous microorganisms.
Ageing - In steel, bottled in the Spring following harvest.
Production facilities - 8.000