Franc in mind, out of any pattern, disregarding everything, and doing what we like, this makes us free!
After various tests we found a way to obtain an unprecedented product, demonstrating that sometimes the interpretations of a territory exceed any preconception, if we have the right intuitions. This variety has always been present in the company, but we have never wanted to bottle it. We have finally found the way to make wine out of it in order to highlight its characteristics in this area.
The vineyard is at 50 meters above sea level, cultivated on clayey soils and limestone, exposed to the North West, more protected from the hot sun. To confer delicate aromas, the grapes are vinified in whole bunches with semi-carbonic maceration with part of chardonnay grapes for about a week, followed by pressing. It ferments in steel tanks where it matures until the following spring with continuous Bâtonnage, carried out according to the lunar phases

Territory - Val di Noto, Buonivini district
Varietal - Cabernet Franc / Chardonnay
Soil - Clayey limestone
Vineyard extension - 2 ha
Training system - Spurred cordon (6,000 vines per hectare)
Altitude above sea level - 50 mt
Exposure - North West
Yield per hectare - 40 qli - 22hl / ha
Agriculture - Biodynamics, with no use of herbicides, no chemical and / or synthetic treatments and / or treatments; pesticide treatments are limited to low doses of mine sulfur and propolis; fertilizations are limited to biodynamic preparations, shredded pruning and green manure of grasses and legumes.
Vinification - With indigenous yeasts, carbonic maceration, vinified in steel tanks
Filtration - 5 microns
Fining - No
Maturation - In steel tanks, bottled in the spring following the harvest
Total production - About 6,000