Syracuse, the heart of the ancient Greece, where the great classical Scientist Archimedes was born; he formulated the hydrostatic principle... and as soon as he solved the enigma he cried out "Eureka", meaning I've found it! It is emotion, joy, astonishment.

Classification - IGT Sicily
Grape variety - Chardonnay
Soil - Calcerous alluvial with fine texture and medium-textured “terra niura”
Size of Vineyard - 3.50 ha
Age of Vineyard - Planted in 2003, 2006
Growing method - Cordon training (5,500 vines per hectare)
Altitude above sea level - 30 mt - 44 m
Esposure - South, South-East
Yield per hectare - 60 quintals
Agriculture - Organic, herbicide free; free from chemical treatment or synthetic fertilizers; pesticide treatments limited to low doses of copper (25% of the approved dosage REG 2092/91), sulfur and propolis; fertilizing limited to biodynamic preparations, fine pruning of grasses and legumes and green manure.
Vinification technique - Vinified in steel tanks at controlled temperature with the skins. No addition of sulfur. Naturally fermented by indigenous microorganisms.
Ageing - In steel, bottled in the Spring following harvest.
Production facilities - 20.000