cantina Marabino cortile della cantina Marabino

The reason why we chose the biological-dynamic method of cultivation was to take care of our land and it’s people. Life is sustained by what is living. Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming that indulges nature through natural processes. Life is in a perfect balance with its ecosystem and it is able to reap the rewards through its magnificent fruits that are the expression of a unique territory!

The planting method used for the DOC ‘Eloro’ wines is the free-standing bush and the trellis is used for DOC ‘Noto’ wines. The Pachinese bush vine has a density of 7,000 plants per hectare. It is called ‘imputato’ meaning that the buds are fastened to a stake; following this it is ‘mazzunato’ which means that the top of the bush is trimmed in order to prevent it from growing too high and thus strengthening the plant. The trellises have been planted with a density of 5,500 plants per hectare, exploiting to the full the sloping ground, the sun’s rays and the dominating winds of the region.

The winery’s aim is to re-qualify the territory that has always been used to cultivate vines for the production of wine. From a selection of the oldest vines of the Pachino territory we have identified different clones of Nero d’Avola that is the principal vine of the area, and we have replanted native varieties like the Moscato Bianco from which the Moscato di Noto was born, a wine with very old origins. Besides the native varieties, two Chardonnay clones have been selected which have adapted well to the microclimate of Pachino, giving them unique organoleptic features.